Feb 4, 2012

Creating a Vision Journal

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I love setting challenges and I'm big on affirmations, colour and journalling. I've found something which incorporates all of those into one inspiring item. It's not new and it's certainly not unknown to many of you. What it can be though is unique to me, because it's my inspiration, it's my visual reminders to myself. It's my vision journal.

I've seen a number of blogs recently with reference to Vision Boards and lots of tips and images to inspire others to create one. I loved the idea so much that I began searching for sites about Vision Journals which are more my sort of thing. I wanted something that I could take anywhere with me - to work, to the beach, to the park. Basically anywhere where I felt inspired and wanted to write or be creative.

It's so easy - all you need is scissors, glue, some old magazines, a suitable book and plenty of imagination. Coloured pens, crayons and paints are also handy to have. I went and purchased an A4 visual art diary (but you could just as easy do it on a large piece of cardboard or canvas or anything else that grabs your fancy)

I haven't quite finished the intro page but I can share the first double page spread - this shows words and images which represent what I want in my life

I'm also planning on creating some different pages with colour and drawings and words, and well you get the idea. I also love the image at the start of this post which is from the Running with Scissors Studio and I would love to create some pages like that also.

The thing is a journal can be anything you want it to be. In the past my 'journalling' has been more diary orientated with words and thoughts and ideas. In other words light on with the visual side of things. I like the combination of the written and visual aspects with a vison journal.

Why not let your mind roam free and create some themed pages that represent your goals:

1. Building a new home - create pages full of interior designs, lists and ideas of what you want
2. Studying - then create pages filled with words, books and images relating to your area of study.
3. Want to travel - postcards, pictures of activities, foreign words
4. New baby - post pictures of baby goods, names, images of nurseries, cute babies
5. Planning a wedding - all things wedding related, tips for wedding day success
6. Colour themed pages - so your goals are all represented in a certain colour range

As always, here are some inspiring links and ideas for creating your own visual journal / board.

Create a vision for your life - Jan Orga

Creating visual lists, journals and goals - San Smith

The Creative Entrepeneur - Lisa Sonora Beam

How to use an Art Journal - Wiki How

Really the only thing that limits your use of a Vision Journal is your own imagination - it can be whatever you want it to be. I've read about people who use all sorts of different ideas - one who uses an old atlas and sticks pictures and images in to that, another who uses a favourite magazine and 'adds' to it. There's also on-line options for creating something special just for you, or so you can share it.

If you create a vision journal / board or you already have one, then please share the link in the comments, I'd love to see what you've created. Hope I've helped inspire you today.

Cheers, Fi

“If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy, & inspires your hopes.” — Andrew Carnegie

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  1. I remember when my brother and I were little we each posted a picture on the refrigerator of something we wanted when we were older. My brother posted a Jeep. I don't remember mine, but it was neat to see a reminder every time we were in the kitchen. Your idea definitely takes that dreaming to the next level!


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