At the bottom of each post I write, I will share a link or two which I discover in the blogosphere - those links will all be on this page to make it easier for you to find things that you may wish to refer back to a later stage, or simply as an easy reference page.
How to create a habit in 15 days (17/3/12) - Dragos Roua

Focus Free Manifesto (17/3/12) - free e-book by Leo Babauta from Zen Habits Blog

18 Tricks to make new habits (17/3/12) - Lifehack Blog

True Colours - (12/3/12) Carolyn Kalil's True Colour Career website

Your Personality Colour - (12/3/12) Empower yourself with Colour Psychology website

I'll paint you a rainbow - (12/3/12) from the Inspiration Peak website

Beyond Blue (2/3/12) which is the national Australian depression website

NIMH (2/3/12) is the US national website for depression

What does courage look like - (2/3/12) Jungle of Life website

Enrich your life by facing your fears head on(2/3/12) Serene Journey website
Create a vision for your life - (4/2/12) Jan Orga, Living with the spirit of Yolo

Creating visual lists, journals and goals - (4/2/12) San Smith website

PowerFULL Magical Visual Journal  - (4/2/12) The Creative Entrepeneur website

How to use an Art Journal - (4/2/12) Wiki How

The Science of Happiness - (28/1/12) from the Pursuit of Happiness website

Ten Secrets to the Happiness Habit - (28/1/12) from the Happiness Habit website

Tips for discovering your dreams - (22/1/12) the "Dumb Little Man - Tips for Life" website

Being true to yourself - (22/1/12) taken from the "It's all about women" website

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